SSI Prevention Background

Let's cut out infection together

SSI Prevention (SSIP) is a newly formed global Surgical Site Infection (SSI) prevention patient safety initiatives collaborative that will comprise of a core group with oversight of planning and delivery of the work programme, various SSI prevention initiatives workstreams and members who wish to be part of this important surgical patient safety initiative.


The SSIP will promote SSI Prevention patient safety initiatives with an aim to establish a platform for healthcare professionals to share and learn from each other about SSI surveillance and prevention. The goal is to raise awareness of SSIs and how to best prevent avoidable infections. We are committed to improving surgical patient safety through collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Key Objectives

  • To establish and sustain an annual SSI Prevention Day
  • To develop and introduce annual regulatory style SSI Prevention Inspection tools that will be utilised to appraise evidence based SSI prevention measures implementation.
  • To develop and sustain an SSI champion model at local hospital, regional, country level that encompasses a variety of healthcare professionals and consumers of healthcare.


SSI Prevention sets out to achieve:

  • Visibility and activism around SSI prevention
  • Improved uptake of evidence-based SSI prevention recommendations in all settings
  • Dedicated and delegated responsibility for SSI prevention implementation science in every healthcare organisation
  • Overall reduction in avoidable surgery related harm

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